Completed projects / List of completed projects

Incomplete list of projects designed by OÜ EMP A&I

Office buildings and business centres

  1. Office building in Tallinn, Vana-Lõuna 15. Architect H. Karro
  2. Truck Center in Loo, Loovälja tee 5. Architect E. Uustal
  3. Office Building extension in Tallinn, Peterburi 2F. Salto Architects
  4. Scania Truck & Trailer service in Rakvere. Architect E. Uustal
  5. Bassano Ltd. commercial building in Tallinn, Tähesaju Street. Architect E. Uustal
  6. Reconstruction of Veterinary Center's main building in Lääne-Virumaa. Architect E. Uustal
  7. Porshce car and service centre. Architect A. Oruvee
  8. SilberAuto car centres in Kohtla-Järve and Viljandi
  9. Hotel Tallink in Tallinn centre
  10. Riia Lakid OÜ paint centre. Architect E.Uustal
  11. Volex business centre in Tallinn, Mahtra 1, 7 and 27. Architect E.Uustal
  12. Office building in Tallinn, Sadama 4. Architect K. Tõra
  13. Main building of the Haapsalu Yacht Club. Architect E.Uustal
  14. Shopping centre in Narva. Architect E.Uustal
  15. AS Rigual office with fruit wholesale warehouse in Tallinn, Keevise 1. Architect E.Uustal
  16. Narva station and service building of AS Eesti Raudtee. Architect E.Uustal
  17. Ensto centre in Tallinn, Sõpruse Blvd. 259. Architect E.Uustal
  18. Itaalia Auto AS car centre in Tallinn, TammsaareRd. 55. Architect E. Uustal
  19. Nissan car centre in Tallinn, Osmussaare Rd. 8. Architects A.Siim and H.Kreis
  20. Office building in Tallinn, Osmussaare Rd. 8. Architect U. Lõoke
  21. Daewoo car centre in Tallinn. Architect K. Uibo
  22. OÜ Catwees car centre inPärnu. Architect K. Uibo
  23. Citroen sales centre in Helsinki - Vantaa
  24. Mercedes, Honda centre in Jyväskylä
  25. BRC car centre in Tallinn. Architect K. Uibo
  26. The Veterinary and Food Board office building extension in Tallinn. Architect E. Uustal

Apartment buildings

  1. Apartment building in Tallinn, Peterburi tee 113. Architect E. Uustal
  2. Apartment buildings in Tallinn, Ümera 28a, 28b. Architect E. Uustal
  3. Apartment buildings in Lagedi, Jaama 10, 10a. Architect E. Uustal
  4. Apartment buildings in Tallinn, Ümera 28. Architect E. Uustal
  5. Terraced house in Tallinn, Tiskrevälja Str. 49. Architect M. Aunin
  6. Apartment building in Tallinn, Valgevase 11a. Architect Ü. Peil
  7. Apartment building in Tallinn, Alasi 5. Architects A. Oruvee, E. Uustal, H. Karro
  8. Apartment building in Tallinn, Kollane 4. Architect T. Trummal
  9. Apartment buildings in Tallinn, PärnuRd. 130 and Alevi 3. Architect T. Laigu
  10. Apartment building in Tallinn, Juurdeveo 19. Architect H. Klaar
  11. Apartment buildings in Jõhvi, Vahe 3B and 3C. Architect E. Uustal
  12. Apartment building in Tallinn, Astangu Rd. 21. Architect K. Uibo
  13. Apartment building in Tallinn, Juhkentali 17A. Architect J. Okas

Schools and kindergartens

  1. Rebuilding and enlargement of Ääsmäe elementary school. Architect E. Uustal
  2. Rebuilding and enlargement of Laagri kindergarten. Architect E. Uustal
  3. Expansion of gymnasium in Saku. Architect E. Uustal
  4. Põltsamaa Industrial School. Architect H. Karro
  5. Earth Sciences Education Centre in Pärnu county. Architect E. Uustal
  6. Reconstruction of Suure-Jaani Youth Center. Architect H. Karro
  7. Reconstruction of kindergarten "Midrimaa" in Saue. Architect E. Uustal
  8. Reconstruction and expansion of gymnasium in Saue city. Architect E. Uustal
  9. 260-seat kindergarten interior design project in Astrakhan. Architect H.Karro
  10. Reconstruction of High School and old academic building in Koeru. Architect E. Uustal
  11. Reconstruction of Gymnasium in Järva – Jaani. Architect E. Uustal
  12. Reconstruction of Koeru High School. Architect E. Uustal
  13. Reconstruction of Kiviõli 1. Secondary School. Architect E. Uustal
  14. Schoolhouse of Pärnu County Vocational Education Centre and practice field for driving lessons. Architect E. Uustal
  15. Reconstruction of mechanics and practice workshops of Tallinn Industrial Education Centre. Architect E. Uustal
  16. Suure-Jaani Secondary School. Architect A. Oruvee
  17. Sports building of Kilingi-Nõmme Secondary School. Architect A. Oruvee
  18. Kelmiküla kindergarten in Tallinn, Tehnika 23. Architect E. Uustal
  19. Kindergartens “Triin” and“Kungla“ in Rakvere. Architect E. Uustal
  20. Kiigemetsa boarding-school for handicapped children in Siimusti in Jõgeva County. Architect M. Nummert
  21. Jõõpre Basic School. Architect K. Uibo
  22. Maidla Elementary School and sports building. Architect K. Uibo
  23. Reconstruction of the main building of Saku Secondary School
  24. Gymnasium of Paistu School. Architect K. Uibo
  25. Gymnasium of Holstre School. Architect K. Uibo
  26. Muraste Boarder Guard School. Architect E. Uustal

Industrial buildings

  1. Warehouse and production facility of AS Veikand in Pärnu. Architect E. Uustal
  2. Warehouse and production facility of Hydroscand Real Estate OÜ in Harju County. Architect E. Uustal
  3. EstLink2 cable spare parts warehouse in East - Viru County. Architect E. Uustal
  4. Horizon Pulp and Paper Ltd. limestone burning plant design in Kehra. Architect H.Karro
  5. Horizon Pulp and Paper Ltd. cooking plant reconstruction. Architect E. Uustal
  6. Production building / warehouse of Saku Läte in Saku. Architect A. Oruvee
  7. Extension to the cargo terminal of Tallinn airport (Cargo III). Architect E. Uustal
  8. Construction mixtures production factory / warehouse of Henkel Balti OÜ in Tartu. Architect E. Uustal
  9. Ready-to-eat food factory of Saarioinen Eesti in Rapla. Architect A. Oruvee
  10. Meat processing company VGA Kaubandus AS inTabasalu. Architect E. Uustal
  11. Large kitchen of OÜ Kikas Kaubandus in Loo small town. Architect A. Oruvee
  12. Animal waste handling factory in Väike-Maarja. Architect E. Uustal
  13. Vastse-Kuuste Meat Factory. Architect E. Uustal
  14. AS Filee Meat Factory. Architect E. Uustal
  15. Construction of the terminal of AS Balti Transport. Architect E. Uustal
  16. Slaughter-house of Valga Meat Factory. Architect K. Tõra
  17. Amphenol Eesti cable assembly factory. Architect E. Uustal
  18. Milk-powder factory of AS Lacto in Rapla. Architect E. Uustal
  19. Tallinna Külmhoone ice-cream factory. Architect K. Tõra


  1. Shooting range in Kapasto. Architect E. Uustal
  2. Boiler house in Rummu. Architect H. Karro
  3. Boiler house in Tapa, Leina 14. Architect H. Karro
  4. Shooting range in Männiku. Architect E. Uustal
  5. Boiler house in Rõngu. Architect H. Karro
  6. Estonian Defence League’s Pärnu County staff headquarter building. Architect E. Uustal
  7. Estonian Defence League’s Saaremaa staff headquarter building. Architect E. Uustal
  8. Standard design for the residential facilities of special care nursing homes. Architect H. Karro
  9. Sports Center in Saku, Tallinna mnt 10 and 10b. Architect E. Uustal
  10. Boiler house in Tapa. Architect H.Karro
  11. Boiler house in Aegviidu. Architect E. Uustal
  12. Reconstruction of community center in Vastemõisa. Architect E. Uustal
  13. Reconstruction of Luhamaa and Koidula border crossing points. Architect E. Uustal
  14. Estonian Defence League Headquarters and Tallinn district’s Common Army Logistic Center. Architect E. Uustal
  15. Estonian Defence League’s Pärnu County staff headquarter building. Architect E. Uustal
  16. Partial reconstruction of Vocational Rehabilitation Centre. Architect H.Karro
  17. Reconstruction of township community center in Toila. Architect H.Karro
  18. Boiler house in Mäetaguse. Architect H.Karro
  19. Estonian Defence League’s Alutaguse Brigade building. Architect E. Uustal
  20. Estonian Defence Forces' central target area’s observation towers and the target area. Architect E. Uustal
  21. Shooting range in Jõhvi. Architect E. Uustal
  22. Reconstruction of the sewage treatment plant in Kohila. Architect H.Karro
  23. Reconstruction of Koeru ambulatory - Pharmacy in Koeru. Architect E. Uustal
  24. Reconstruction of Care Centre in Koeru. Architect H.Karro
  25. Oxygen and nitrogen storage, motor fuel station, car park and garage/workshop of means of transport at Ämari Air Base. Architect A. Oruvee
  26. Air policing surveillance aircraftshangar, passenger terminal, cargo handling intermediate depot and air force medical centre at Ämari Air Base. Architect A. Oruvee
  27. Reconstruction of the staff building of the Hiiumaa sub-unit of the Lääne unit of the National Defence Forces. Architect E. Uustal