OÜ EMP A&I is a design company founded in 1992.

Our main areas of activity are construction designing, expertise of construction designs and owner supervision.


Construction or reconstruction of every building starts from design. We are your professional partner in developing an architectural and constructive solution of the building as well asin designing communications and special parts.

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Owner supervision

Construction is a specific area and requires a lot of knowledge and experience. If you wish for your construction works to be performed under professional supervision, then our owner supervision service is just what you need.

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A design is the basis for subsequent construction works and to correct a miscalculation therein during construction is very expensive. To increase your feeling of certainty that nothing important has been missed, we offer you expertise of construction designs.

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OÜ EMP A&I designs office buildings and business centres, schools, industrial and residential buildings, and also prepares renovation projects and detailed plans.Due to long experience in the field and timely completion of projects with high quality, the company has achieved the satisfaction of its customers.

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